Sunday, March 17, 2013

What After Gate 'Experience of Gate 2012'

GATE 2012 +  RANK- 358 + CSE + GENERAL 

Please read my previous blog if you have not, you will get to know what was my situation in 2012 while preparing for gate in 2012. :)

In 2012 I got into a very good IT company SOPRA and started preparing for GATE 2012 at made easy. Trust me that was very hard to manage time with job.
Monday to Friday 9-6 job and Saturday Sunday 7 to 5 Classes.
Some how i managed and secured 358 rank in gate, though i was not satisfied again after preparing for 2 years, as again I was not sure of getting an admission.

Now i was sure of getting Top NIT's atleast.
My first reaction was if i won't get admission in IIT's I will join NIT's.
To make sure i will join, i resigned the day i got my gate result.

Again i filled almost all forms of all IIT's M tech and MS but this time only core CSE + IIITH as a backup.
Started getting calls.
This is the list of colleges i got calls from with my priority   
IIITH (After its own written test)

I went for IITK , IITKgp , IITM MS

First Call was from IITM MS
This time I cracked its written , almost 60 students were selected for interview.
Out of 60 they selected 40 students.
I was not on the list. :( :(
For detailed experience of IITM MS you can refer my friends blog.

Second Call was from IITK
I was not having any expectations from IITK because of bad experience in IITM MS.
But I thought of giving my best and I did.
Huge crowd , more than 500 students were there for M-Tech Written.
They called up to 720 Gate Score. I think, that was 530 rank at that time.
After that, I thought i am done here. :P:P
Written paper was having aptitude question first than technical, as I am not good in aptitude I started my test from backside. :D
In technical there were lots of questions from Probability and Data Structures apart from that few DBMS , C , Networks , COA (I mean rest gate syllabus) was there. 

Paper was lengthy , I could not attempt all. But what ever i attempt was correct upto my knowledge , No guesses was the key in exam.
because 60 was the cutoff out of 150.
So if you attempt only 50% of paper you are through. :)
Only 91 students were selected for interview.

Interview : Panel of 3 Profs. 
Interviewer : What's your favorite subject or you are comfortable in?
Me : TOC (they were happy , later i got to know they want guys to say TOC any how... :P) , DBMS.
Interviewer : And??
Me : Operating System
Interviewer : OS ?? (they were not happy with OS, i don't know why .. :P )

After that, they started questioning me.

In TOC, they asked about Turing machine, its definition and all.
Q- How will you reverse an NFA? Means Reverse of L(A) if you have an Automata only.

Probability they asked one question only.
Q- In a Rectangular ground, two persons are standing on random position, a plane going above from the ground throw a packet on ground. If both person have same speed, what is the probability of both persons individually to get the packet, if after packet touches the ground they start running from there position.
(Question was something like this.)

OS they asked about Virtual page definition and all.
Q- What is the advantage if PAS(Physical Address Space) is greater than LAS(Logical Address Space)?

Interview was on 8th of march , We got result on 10th march 3AM. :)
I was selected.

Third Call was from IITkgp
I mentioned time and date of IIT kanpur test and result because i had my interview for IITkgp on 10th March 10 AM in morning.
So i decided not to waste one seat. :)
Still I appeared for Interview because IITkgp have waiting list procedure also.
Fortunately or Unfortunately i was not selected in IITkgp.

That was a short interview of 10 min for every guy. I don't know, what exactly they wanted to see.

But that was over for me.
I was happy to get a seat in IIT Kanpur. 
After that i didn't attend any call.
If you want any help.
You can comment here. I will be happy to help. :)



  1. my AIR is 627
    GATE score is 656
    any chances if IIT,s

    1. If you are general , than IITM MS is the only chance.. you may get a call from IITB RA and IITD MS...
      If you are interested in IIT only than you can for IITR , IITB or IITK Geoinformatics Civil department. but personally i won't suggest it.
      You can always count on South NIT's and try your best in IIITH exam. all the best

  2. my AIR is 1251
    GATE score is 595
    cat is OBC-NC
    any chances of IIT

    1. which branch???
      If it is CSE... chances are very less for CORE CSE Mtech...
      but you will get a call from IITM MS.. and may be IITD MS.

      If you are interested in interdisciplinary than you can go for IITB Geo , IITK Geo and IITR Geo..

      All the best.. :)

  3. i got 652 score in gate2012 rank 1025 but in 2013 at 652 score rank is around 650 but last year at this score rank was 830 so what are my chances to get call from iit this year i m obc and get cal from iitk,r,g,kgp.cse

    1. after your call, you need to crack the interview and wirtten stuff...
      i think you have bright chances for IITK , IITM MS and IITB RA..

  4. my gate AIR is 229 in GATE 2013
    gate score is 735
    what are the chances of my direct admissions??
    what are my possible chances to get interview calls for different iits and iisc?
    if i got a call for interview in which iit or iisc my gate score matters (for example 70% gate score and 30% interview)
    please help me..

    1. direct admission is possible in IITG ,IITR and IITH...
      you will get call from IITK and IITD also...
      IITKgp is direct this time.. so no idea...
      in IITK they wont consider gate score after shortlisting...but yes... IITD does..

    2. Hi, I have got the same rank this time. Where did you get through?? Can you please share your experience with me. My email id is

  5. Sir,
    I am Snigdha My GATE 2013 rank is AIR 1800,marks 39,score 557,and percentile 99.2
    i am from SC category and computer science branch..wat are my chances..plz reply

  6. marks 26.67
    GATE score is 307/370 and i belong from sc background is in ece...
    any chances of IIT,s,nits ?

  7. marks 26.67
    GATE score is 307/370 and i belong from sc background is in ece...
    any chances of IIT,s,nits ?

  8. what should be the preference order for IIT kanpur, i'm not comfortable in turing machine, complexity in TOC.

    1. you can give any preference right now, fill preference you are comfortable in for interview..

  9. I m gettng 483 score n rank 6232 wht r my chances for nit's
    hw is iiitA for ece?
    N what r other gud options

  10. AIR:339,Score:702 Cat:OBC.
    What are chances of direct admissions?

  11. How you solved that probability question?

  12. Gate Score : 379, Marks:26.33 , Cat:Gen , What can be the best college in this rank?

  13. sir my gate rank is AIR 314 in EE
    pls guide me for mtech admission i am nervous for interview as i am having very bad experience with interview always
    i have also given gate 2012 and got 1413 rank
    pls sir reply

  14. hey vipin, i scored 632 gate score and AIR 827 in gate 2013 CS.. i am from general category....what can i get???/

  15. My score 491 ee and i belong to sc.can i get seat in iit hyd

  16. Gate 2013 rank320 cse ..can I get any iit plz tell me....tell me preference bw iith iitr iitg

  17. hello sir. i don't have an idea where i can apply for gate. i mean like, is it through college or online. can you help me getting some info about it.

    thank you

  18. Hi Mary, if you are looking for more information on GATE exams. Check out this link for details. It is an exam to get into the leading engineering colleges for post-graduation in engineering:

  19. Hi vinkal, my gate 2014 score is 646(ECE) n my category is OBC. Any chance of IIT?????

  20. Hi Vinkal,

    Congratulations on your success.
    I got 48.99 Marks, G. Score 673, AIR 932 (CS 2014).
    It would be very helpful if you can guide me on prospective
    institutes and programs suitable for my result.

  21. Hey i Got air 343 Score 771 cse general... What are my options for iit? .. future prospects job only No research no teaching also tell me some tips to crack iitk

  22. Sir, My rank is 2336, and gate score 573 this year. Can I get any IIT or NITs?
    Please suggest some reputed colleges from research, faculty and placement point of view.

  23. bro, i have 572 rank ,, category - general,, what are chnces for IIT , NIT warangal , TRICHY ?

  24. sir i got 45.60 marks with score 600....which type of college i can get

  25. my gate score is 688 n rank is 807 wt r my chances

  26. Air - 4831 gate score 480 cat- sc is there any chances in iits ... can i get iitk

  27. AIR 383..GATE score- 758...gen...branch -cse...
    pls tell if there are chances of any old IITs?

  28. I GOT AIR 2110
    GATE SCORE 582
    GENERAL CATEGORY......Best college i may get???

  29. I got rank-7988,score-414,cat-OBC.
    Best college may i get??

  30. I got rank 6100 ,score 449 cat- obc can I get any iit,nit or some other good college??

  31. I got rank 6100 ,score 449 cat- obc can I get any iit,nit or some other good college??

  32. I got rank 6100 ,score 449 cat- obc can I get any iit,nit or some other good college??

  33. My rank is 494, score-733, cat-GEN
    What are my chances in IIT?

  34. AIR - 572
    Gate Score: 722
    Cat : Gen
    CSE branch

    Any Chance in Old IITs or IIsc ?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Sir i am in B.Tech 4th yr ( CSE ) and scored AIR 74 . i m interested in Artificial Intelligence.which place is best for AI.
    from which iit , I may expect direct call...?

    1. All those who have registered to appear in Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2018 can login to GOAPS to download GATE 2018 Result and score cards will be released by IIT Guwahati on March 17 2018.

  37. I got GATE-2014 AIR 4369, GEN, SCORE 494.
    PLS advise me for good M.Tech. (Colleges)

  38. Sir I had got 4631 rank with gate score 491 belonging to general category and a female candidate.Can I get a seat in nits'

  39. could you please tell me about the level of iiit-H exam,what subjectsshud i focus on mainly as test is on 13.4.2014 and i remember 70% of my gate's preparation subjects ,,,,,,,,only madeasy's notes are sufficient?????
    plzz help!

  40. hi sir got AIR 774 score 693 category OBC NCL .... which college can i get ...??? plzz suggest

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