Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GATE experience: Journey to IITK

Hello Friends,
Myself Abhay Swami and I am doing my M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur.
I did my B.Tech. from College of Engg. and Tech., Bikaner.

In GATE exam I got 1071 rank with 648 score. I was lucky that the cut off IITK published for OBC was 648; hence I got a call.
Its a 16 hr journey from Bikaner to Kanpur using train. There are 2 ways to reach IITK from Railway station:
  • You can take auto. It will cost around Rs. 150/-
  • You can take one tampo for Kalyanpur, which cost around Rs. 10/-, and another  from Kalyanpur to IITK, which will cost you around Rs. 7/- only.
 After reaching we had to do some formalities and we got accommodation in Hall-5.
I had to clear one written exam and after that give an interview. Thanks to God, that I successfully cleared both.
Written paper was having same syllabus as of GATE. There were 50 questions in total and we had 2 and half hr to attempt. Calculators were not allowed.
In interview the Questions which were asked to me:
  • Tell me your interesting subject?         (In my case Theory of computation)
  • S -> AA    ;    A-> a/b           Which language it generate?            (I told regular language)
  • Prove your answer?
  • Make a Finite Automaton for above grammar?
  • Prove that every language having finite number of strings is regular?
  • How many questions you may have attempted in written exam?
  • Maximum how much marks you may get for your questions which you  have attempted?
  • Minimum " "  " " " " "  "  " ""  " " "  "?
  • In how many ways you can get marks? 
Please feel free to ask any doubt regarding admission in IITK.


  1. Nice... Thanks Abhay for Sharing your Experience...

  2. Very Nice...It may helpful for many people

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  4. hi...
    my GATE rank is 273,CS,Gen.
    Score 721
    my written test at IITK is on 16th.So i've around 11-12 days.Plz suggest me how to prepare n where to emphasize.That would b really helpful as I dont hv mch options available rught now.Thaks in advance

  5. Thankyou for sharing your experience with us. It is indeed quite inspiring. I also found a link with the latest GATE notifications, which might be useful to people: http://thegateacademy.com/gate-2014-notification/

  6. dear sir
    my self abhijeet mishra . this year i have given a gate exam and got a rank 205 from instrumentation branch .
    so please help me to find out what can i get .Is there any iit out best 7 which i can get .
    and procedure to get the iit also explain to me . i am waiting for your reply . MY gate score is 593

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