Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Post Gate Experience Journey to IIT Madras

In my last blog I gave very brief description about my journey to different IIT's. In this blog I am going to tell you some of the questions which were asked in for IIT Madras MS 3 year programme.
Also, I will give some suggestions to this year students. Please feel free to ask for any suggestion.

NOTE: This post is for CSE students. Other can ask for suggestions

In 2012 IIT Madras called upto 1000 Gate rank. It is a very good opportunity for high rankers, please do prepare for this exam if you got more than 400 rank. Here, I will post some of the questions, which will give rough idea  and you can prepare accordingly.

There were 2 exams with no gap in between. Part A was 30 min test and Part B was 75 min test.

Description of  Part-A:

This was an easy part. Following are some of the questions:


  1. Number of NAND gates required for XOR
  2. Output of C Program 
    int c;

  1. Bus and auto question. To find when auto will reach..
  2. Ram and Shyam age question.
  3. Mango Question was like: If someone buys 1 mango then each mango cost is Rs. 50, if some one buys 10 mango then cost of each Mango is Rs. 5, if some one buys 100 Mango then price of each mango is 0.5 and the process continues. We were asked to find "How many we can buy in Rs. 50?" and "How many we can buy in Rs. 40?"
  4. 1 permutation question 
Description of Part-B:
This was tough part and was subjective. Out of 9 questions you have to attempt for 5 questions. Following are some of the questions(Note all questions may not be correct as I have written on memory basis)

  1. i) Prove or dis-approve for a,b,c,d,e distinct natural numbers
    1/a + 1/b + 1/c + 1/d + 1/e =7/3
    ii) a,b,c,d are distinct natural numbers. (d-a),(b-c) are +ve numbers and (c-d),(a-c) are -ve numbers. Is it possible , give reasons
  2. Let a,b,c,d are 4 consecutive numbers of Fibonacci series. Prove or dis-approve ad-bc= ±1
  3. There are 6 persons. Prove that there are 3 persons who know each other and other 3 don't know.
  4. Solve Recurrence Relation:
    T(n) = T(nb/a) + T((n-b)c/a) +n
  5. To find total access time
    L1 Cache hit Ratio 0.98 and access time 3 micro-sec
    L2 Cahce hit Ratio 0.92 and access time 20 micro-sec
    Main memory: 1000 micro sec
  6. Let a ∈(0,1,X). From this set-A and set-B are formed. A compatible set is a set in which either both contains 0 or 1 or X combination with 0 or 1. Find, if the above relation is equivalence or not
  7. Program Counter etc with some definition. Write assembly code for auto-increment and auto-decrement opcodes.
  8.  An array contain numbers from 1 to n and is of size n. Find, if the array has any element that got repeated. Write code for it.(Hint: You can modify the array) 
  9. You have mod-8 counter of frequency 500Hz . Change it to mod-3 counter of 250 Hz

If you crack written test, then there are 70-80% chances that interview will be cleared.

NOTE: If you are not able to clear this exam, then don't get disappointed. You can also try for this in the winter session.(you get 2 chances a year for this)

Interview Experience:
IIT Madras interview consisted of 5-6 professors in a room. Don't get panic. Here each professor is expert  in his own subject or area. They will ask your favorite subject and the professor of only that subject will be interested to ask questions. 
Firstly they will ask why are you opting for MS and they will try to find if you have any re-search interest. If your rank is below 300, then they may doubt that if you will join or not (Sometimes, students below 300 rank prefer for M.Tech)
Secondly they will give you a list of subjects and you can choose one of the subject.
I had chosen Data structures. Then they asked, my preferred topic in Data Structures. 
My Question: Why quick sort  is preferred over heap sort, even though quick sort worst case complexity is O(n^2) while for heap sort it is O(nlogn) for all cases.

They were trying to find my approach of solving the ans.  I was unable to answer this question properly, though they selected me. 
I am not posting the answer of interview question. If you don't get answer then feel free to ask.

There are 40 students who finally got selected out of 60 students who got shortlisted after written. There were around 300 students who appeared for written.

Please feel free to ask for suggestion. I will reply back your queries.


  1. sir,
    my gate AIR is 229 in gate 2013
    gate score is 735.
    i want to go only in iitb cs dept.
    but i have to look into different choices if it is not possible.
    1. can you please suggest me where to apply according to my rank ?
    2. is there any direct admission in iit according to my rank??
    3. and one more question sir.. if i got a interview call is there performence matter or they consider our gate score as well while taking us in admission??

    please guide me.. thank you

  2. hello sir,
    my gate score in gate 2013 is 581 rank 1439, cat:obc i've 1.4 yrs exp
    any chance to get call for ms in iit madras?
    or do they call till rank 1000 only
    plz rply

  3. hello sir
    plzz tell me the answer of 3 marks 3rd question. that 6 person, 3 know each other
    i also got call from IITM MS. plzz guide me also

    1. Problem: If 6 persons are there , there are at least 3 persons who knows each other or 3 perfect strangers.

      Proof by case reduction.
      Select a person x from group of 6,
      Case 1: There are at least 3 persons x knows
      Case 1a: In these three persons 2 knows each other. Now we have 3 persons who knows each other.
      Case 1b: there are no pair who knows each other. This means we have three strangers.
      Case 2: There are at least 3 unknown persons to x
      Case 2a: there is a pair who doesn't know each other. we have three strangers.
      Case 2b: every pair knows each other. we have three persons who knows each other.

  4. Hello sir,
    my gate score is 642 and rank is 725 in gate 2013...can you tell me what are the particular subjects that we need to prepare for written test and interview? and one more thing...suppose ur not able to answer any qstn that the panel asks...do they help you or straightaway come to a conclusion....? pls reply asap!

  5. Sir my rank is 495,GEN category
    What are my chances in IIT Mtech?

    Is is good to prefer MS in IIT Madras MS over Mtech in new IITs and NITS?

    Which one should I prefer for mtech new IIT or NIT(trichy warangal and suratkal)?

  6. Can u please explain the solution to question 1(i) in part B

  7. Do an MS student get MHRD GATE scholarship along with institute 8,000 stipend. Both we ll get or any of the one we ll get..

  8. Hello sir, I got call for Ms program. Is the selection solely based on written test and Interview or they give again more preference to Gate rank ?

  9. plzz any one, give answer to this question
    Mango Question was like: If someone buys 1 mango then each mango cost is Rs. 50, if some one buys 10 mango then cost of each Mango is Rs. 5, if some one buys 100 Mango then price of each mango is 0.5 and the process continues. We were asked to find "How many we can buy in Rs. 50?" and "How many we can buy in Rs. 40?"

  10. how to do?/
    You have mod-8 counter of frequency 500Hz . Change it to mod-3 counter of 250 Hz

  11. i am trying to answer the interview qs plz reply if it is right or wrong

    qsort is preferred over heap sort becoz in heapsort we need call the heapyfy module everytime to adjust the heap after one swap so this calling a module is a overhead while in qsort the information is sorted in one module only and we just need to check the invariant . So qsort is faster

  12. hellow sir i am from civil branch and had call for M.S. in IITM..bt i dont know d written xam pattern..can u help me if u got sme idea or hav sme contacts relatd to my branch..
    also i need to 9 placement details for M.S. and future scope aftr pursuing the same.


  13. Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers

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  14. Thankyou for sharing your experience with us. IT is indeed quite inspirational. I also found a link with useful online free mock test which may be useful to people. Here is the link: http://thegateacademy.com/gate-free-test/

  15. hello sir....wanted to know what are the expectations for the cut off and highest rank to get admission in iisc,iit's and nit-warangal, surat and trichy for computer science SC candidate in gate 2014...pls update soon

  16. The answer to above question that why quick sort is preffered over heapsort is that because quick sort has a better locality of reference . it levrages the locality principle more because of the fact that the most data movements actually happens near the same region of array unlike in heapsort the hole array is kind of shuffled due to heapify procedure.

    Moreover we can run quick sort in O(nlg n) by randomiztion. Pls correct me if you find anything incorrect.


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