Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What After Gate 'Experience of Gate 2011'

GATE 2011 +  Rank- 1294 + CSE + GENERAL 

Prepared for gate in my final year engineering, from gate forum coaching, Pitampura Delhi.

I am writing this blog to help guys/girls, who are confused, what to do after gate. I had very high rank for computer science in Gate 2011. So, I think it may help those who are having gate rank from 500-1500 in gate 2013.

It was a big shock to me , after getting 1294 rank in gate CSE , though I was expecting within 300.
But trust me, everything happens for a good.
After that I realized, now I need to react wisely otherwise i'm done.
I was not placed till that day, because i was never interested in placements and was sure about my gate result. So, first of all I started preparing for my interviews to crack a job, so that I have something in my hand.

I read many blogs, many prospectus of different colleges and talked to almost 50 students who were pursuing M.Tech from IIT's , NIT's and IIIT's just to know whether i have a bright chance to get into a good college.

I got many things clear after this survey.
First of all, Clear why you want to do M.TECH.
If your answer is good job. Don't go for low rank colleges. Only IISC ,IIT's, IIITH , South NIT's , NITIE , BITS Pilani and ISI kolkata can give you a handsome package.

If your answer is knowledge or teaching line than fine, you can go for any college you want. :P:P 

Fortunately or unfortunately I was interested in good job.
So what can I do NEXT?
With 1294 rank????

That time I filled all forms, all means all. even IITB and IISC. Though I was sure I wont get call, still.....
I got Calls from.
  • IISC SUPER Computers
  • IITB Geo Informatics
  • IITK Geo Informatics
  • IIITH (cleared IIITH exam)
  • IITR Geo Informatics
  • Lower NIT
I converted IITK Geo and IIITB rest i didn't even attend the calls, yahhh i got rejected in IITB Geo and IITM MS. :D

My first call was IITM MS
I could not clear written test. It was a tough competition.
For detailed experience of IITM MS you can refer my friends blog.

Second call was IITB Geo
No written test, only an interview.
They called almost 500 students from different branches, they interviewed me for half an hour almost, it was very good.
They checked me on Database, actually on SPACIAL DATABASE because I opted for Geo INFO and  I think SPACIAL data base used in it. I knew the stuff, so i answered them, after that they wanted to grill me why GEOINFO??? As i was a CSE student, why I wanted to go for interdisciplinary branch??
I convinced them i have interest in database and it was pretty cool.
My bad luck, out of 500 they selected only 2 guys. :D

Third Call was from IIITB
I was having a gate wavier for IIITB , either you have a respectable gate score or you crack their own test then they call you for an interview.
Interview was very easy.
You just need to prepare a topic for about 10 mints and that's it.
Hopefully my presentation skills were good, so i didn't find any problem in that. My Topic was serializability.
I nailed it.
But didn't go for it.

Fourth Call was from IITK Geo
In IITK they had an written test, almost 11th 12th physics.  NOT at all CSE.
But that was not an elimination round and we had an interview also.
Best part was. I nailed it. :D

Now, after these four calls, I had 2 offers and 2 more calls, IITR Geo and IIITH.
As i cracked IITK Geo, So I was not supposed to go for IITR, but suddenly I realized, I can crack gate and get admission in IIT CSE.
Yes, I didn't take admission that year, Applied for NIT but didn't attend counseling and I didn't even go for IIITH interview.
Accepted an offer from an IT company for 3.5 LPA at Noida, 15km distance from my home and join made easy coaching.
Not attending IIITH interview call was not a wise decision.
But, in 2012 i got 358 Gate Rank and Right now i am in IITK CSE. :) :)

I will post my 2012 post gate experience in my next blog.
You can search it with "What After Gate 'Experience of Gate 2012'."



  1. Hi,

    with a rank of 2230, will I get into IIITH? Right now , I am working in a product company.

    1. IIITH don't consider Gate Rank..
      They have there own exam.

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  3. please share your IIITH written paper experience ? what are the subjects we have to prepare for 2nd paper, it's difficulty level and preferred books, what is the safe side cut off marks?

  4. hi Vipin, i've 470 rank in my hand this year and i'm in general category, What would you suggest me to do with this rank as IITK has not even called for interview this year? Your suggestion will be really helpful

  5. wow, that is indeed engineering on the rocks. Thanks for sharing your experience. I also found a link with helpful pages for GATE 2014. Here is one:

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